Koh Tao

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Turtle Island offers some of the best Diving and Snorkeling in the Gulf of Thailand, with a wide variety of underwater pinnacles and bays to suit all levels of experience. Our crew will be available to offer you assistance, guide you on your underwater journey or provide instruction for those you require tuition in a new activity. The bays of Nang Yuan, Ao Tanote and Sairee offer excellent lunch time stop over’s. Fishing is permitted away from the dive sites and offers anglers some excellent tight line opportunities of catching Giant Trevelly, Tuna, Dorado, Barracuda and Spanish mackerel.

Discover Koh Tao in the Most Exclusive Manner

Koh Tao or Turtle Island is known for providing some of the best snorkelling and diving destinations in the Gulf of Thailand. Boasting a wide assortment of underwater bays and pinnacles to suit people with varied experience levels, Koh Tao has got something on offer for every individual.

If you want to explore Koh Tao most exclusively, you must surely go for our Koh Tao boat tours and yacht rentals. The best thing is that our crew members will be available to help you and guide you on your exclusive journey on the water. Not only this, but they will also give you the required instruction when practising new activities.

Breathtaking Koh Tao

There is much to explore in Koh Tao. The island has got some of the most excellent activities and indulgences for its visitors. And you can have the best of all of this by taking our Koh Tao boat and yacht rentals. There are Koh Tao luxurious cruises also available for groups.

  • Koh Tao is widely popular as one of the perfect snorkelling spots in the Gulf of Thailand. Our one-day boat tours will let you have some snorkelling fun on the island.
  • You can also discover beautiful coral reefs at Sairee, Tian Nok, Hin Wong and Mango bays.
  • Our speedboat tours will let you explore Koh Tao while stopping at the bays of Ao Tanote, Sairee and Nang Huan to have some food.
  • Fishing is also permitted, but you need to enjoy it while away from the diving sites. Anglers at Koh Tao have excellent tight line scopes for catching Tuna, Giant Trevelly, Baracuda, Spanish mackerel and Dorado.

If you have long thought of visiting an archetype of a remote tropical island with only a few places to shop, eat and stay comfortably, then Koh Tao is for you. Make your boat or yacht tour bookings for Koh Tao now at www.oceanselitecharters.com


  1. What are the other attractions in Koh Tao apart from its beautiful beaches?

Apart from its beautiful beaches, the other attractions in Koh Tao include pristine white sand, glittering blue seas, and nodding palm trees. You have many options to make your choice. Note that majority of the attractions in Koh Tao are accessible only through boat and yacht tours.

  1. What can I expect to do on my Koh Tao boat tour?

First of all, with us, you get to explore Koh Tao on a beautiful and solid speedboat that will let you explore the beaches and even the viewpoints in Koh Samui. You can enjoy snorkelling on this island, and you can also decide on visiting the Ao Leuk, Shark and Mango bays that make amazing sights.

  1. What are the top things to do in Koh Tao?

The top things to do in Koh Tao include diving, snorkelling and visiting some of the most beautiful beaches like Koh Nang Yuan, Ao Thian Ok, Freedom Beach, Ao Leuk, Haad Sai Nuan and Haad Sai Daeng.

  1. Why choose Oceans Elite Charters for Koh Tao boat tours?

We take pride in offering boat tours Koh Tao exclusively. Our crew members put in their best in making everyone a part of the family while embarking on the exclusive journey of discovering the breathtaking archipelago.