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Designed for day charter, this maxi-catamaran is totally adapted to her function : Protected by a roof, the platform can host up to 66 passengers, comfortably seated around 6-people tables, protected from the sun and rain but still well ventilated so that everybody can enjoy their trip in the best conditions. The big front trampoline is a must for jumping or sunbathing, but if you prefer chatting with your friends while enjoying the sun we invite you to the sofas located on the roof.

Barbecue, outdoor shower, inflatable dinghy. Everything is made to assure a perfect day for the guests.

Join Our Fleet of Maxi-Catamarans and Navigate the Turquoise Waters of Koh Samui

Swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation while exploring your dream coastline- you can expect all this and more on our maxi catamaran. You get snorkelling equipment, floating toys and paddles onboard, lunch, and a swimming break in the crystal clear waters.

Our maxi catamaran is the perfect multi-hull sailboat for groups looking to share their friendly moments on half-day, full-day or evening cruises. The deck area of our maxi catamaran can accommodate 15 to 100 guests, making it a privileged destination for private and corporate events.

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Koh Samui Excursions on a Maxi Catamaran

Almost every individual can enjoy the maxi catamaran. You can use it for varied purposes, like:

  • For spending a relaxing evening outing as part of a business event.
  • For photo sessions of different business products.
  • For bachelorette or birthday parties
  • For dives, excursions, discovery and other activities.

We also add the band, DJ, drone shooting, caterer, fireworks and photographer to make your occasion on our maxi catamaran more splendid and exceptional.

Day Trips to Koh Samui Aboard a Large and Luxurious Maxi Catamaran

Explore the Koh Samui waters in our maxi habitable catamaran. We not only specialise in different water activities in Koh Samui and the surrounding islands but are also into offering the most exclusive experiences here. With our day trips on a maxi catamaran, you can:

  • Enjoy refreshing walks at beautiful sunset and excursions to the different islands surrounding Koh Samui.
  • Have a night out and watch fireworks from the sea.
  • For half-day trips, there are wonderful offerings available. You will be passing through beautiful islands, and you can even swim in the crystal clear waters of Koh Samui.

Our maxi catamaran is a comfortable, large and modern vessel with proper seating capacity and complete privatisation.

Continue your adventure to the Koh Samui islands by going for our maxi catamaran trips along with kayaking and diving fun at


The best thing about maxi catamarans is that they sail faster than the other vessels. They do not require any kind of heavy keeling and are lighter than the other monohulls. Since they keep their sails perpendicular to the wind, they tend to sail faster than the monohulls.

You get a bit more adrenaline on a yacht, but the best thing about sailing on a catamaran is that catamarans have two hulls that are better balanced. Thus, catamarans are more stable to sail on than the yachts.

Catamarans are fast outstripping the single-hull vessels and boats used for long-distance sailing and journeys. Catamarans are more comfortable and stable, and some even have the potential to travel more than 200 miles in one day.

Catamarans have fixed beds within the hulls, which is especially true for the larger catamarans. And the fixed beds are quite comfortable, and you can always expect a great sleep at night on a catamaran.

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